What is Contextual Targeting?

Contextual targeting (sometimes referred to as Contextual Advertising) allows advertisers to display relevant ads based on the website’s content rather than using the data about the visitor www.findwritingservice.com/blog/professional-dissertation-writing-service-reach-it

As the advertisement is contextual and actually has something to do with the topic of the web page, people are more likely to click on the ad and visit another website, or even become a conversion.

There is category contextual targeting, where ads are targeted to pages that fall into pre-assigned categories, and keyword contextual targeting, where ads are targeted to pages that match specific keywords.

What are our Contextual Targeting Advantages?

First Party Data Audiences

We use diverse technologies to make sure that campaigns are contextually relevant. Standard contextual targeting will be used i.e. on page primarily. However, great secondary technology is the core, which is to include audiences who have previously contextual relevant content. Then, even if they are not currently on that page, you won’t lose any potential consumers, since we will layer in the number of days since they looked at content ie only show ads to people in the last 5 days that have looked at relevant content. We highly recommend campaigns run with a combination of both contextual technologies as they will give campaigns maximum scale available.

Programmatic Deals & Direct IOs

Addigits is a programmatic company offering directly managed inventory, so all our solutions are naturally executed programmatically via Preferred Auctions / Deal IDs / PMP. However, we also offer these solutions for Direct IOs.

All Media Types Supported

Addigits offers our Contextual Targeting solutions across all media types. So no matter what campaigns you are running, Display, Video, Mobile or Native, you will be able to use our Contextual Targeting technologies to reach your audience.

All Category Contextual Targeting Options Supported

Our Contextual Targeting options cover all 400 categories that built out from standard IAB. We also support campaigns’ running with any one of these or a combination of them.