What is Behavioral Targeting?

Behavioral Targeting is a method that allows advertisers and publishers to display relevant ads and marketing messages to users based on their web-browsing behavior.

By leveraging actual online user behavior, advertisers are allowed to deliver specifically targeted ads to consumers through directly managed websites across Addigits and via Reach Extension through our partners, providing reach to Billions of potential users.

So what Behavioral Targeting Signals are available to be targeted?

Addigits can basically track any behavior or action required by the advertiser, however generally speaking the most commonly requested behaviors include:

  • session behavior (page views, site search keywords, the content read by topic or theme )
  • browsing history
  • Purchase history
  • Searching for a product or type of products
  • In-market or Previous Purchaser for a particular Item or Brand.
  • Device
  • location (based on IP): country, city.
  • Other Miscellaneous Interactions which can be tracked.

Successful Behavioral Targeting Case

One of our clients runs a campaign of shovel for garden use. They did a perfect campaign level targeting. We recommended them to do behavioral targeting when we noticed they didn’t do it. In this way, we can find a consumer who repeatedly visited a web page with reviews of the product or searched for it, then visited a shovel manufacturer’s website, which clearly indicates an interest in buying a shovel.

Our unique targeting rules and analyze technology will significantly help our clients find more potential consumers and increase their chance of purchasing.

It turns out to be that the campaign performance has increased by 67% after adding behavioral targeting.