What is Seasonal Targeting?

Seasonal Targeting consists of adjusting your online campaigns to ongoing events. In other words, targeting important events and national or global holidays for your campaigns.

Seasonal Targeting is about looking at the calendar, identifying appropriate opportunities and capitalizing on them. The most significant peak times in the American / European calendar that are still ahead in 2019 are Halloween, All Saints Day, Black Friday/ Cyber Monday, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Saint Patrick Day, April Fool’s Day, Easter and so on.

What are our Seasonal Targeting advantages?

It’s a fact that we’ve encouraged our clients to focus their efforts on evergreen campaigns which can be applied anytime and still be effective. Evergreen campaigns indeed work on our traffic timelessly. Nonetheless, seasonal targeting has substantial advantages and can draw you some special traffic peaks if applied properly.

National holidays provide the perfect excuse for spending some extra money. For instance, people might spend money on new high-heeled shoes and a cocktail dress for a New Year’s Eve Party or a romantic trip to the seaside for Valentine’s Day. Thus, Seasonal Targeting perfectly and especially fits e-commerce traffic, in which field we exactly specialize. Either evergreen or seasonal campaigns you run, your product will gain more attention to boosting your campaign performance and revenue with a combination of our traffic and Seasonal Targeting.