Our Demographic Targeting Solution

Addigits uses a combination of First Party Data and declared Third Party Data sources to accurately target the most precise audience to your advertising campaigns, maximizing your campaign performance.

What is Demographic Targeting?

Demographics can be defined as the parameters which are used in segmenting the targeted audience into more specific groups. The use of demographic targeting can help the advertiser to target the right audience reducing the unnecessary impressions thus indirectly saving budget.

What are our Demographic Targeting Options?

Addigits support a range of Demographic Targeting options, including gender, age, location, languages known, annual income, parental status, etc. Depending on these traits the audience is segmented into more specific groups which automatically makes a precise and accurate targeting.

The 3 main demographic targeting buckets are:

18-24 Years Old
25-34 Years Old
35-44 Years Old
45-54 Years Old
55-64 Years Old
65+ Years Old


Household Income
Less than $25k
$25k – $39k
$40k – $59k
$60k – $74k
$75k – $99k
$100k or more