What is Niche Targeting?

Niche targeting is a targeted marketing plan that focuses on one particular section of the market that has a high potential to connect with a product. Instead of casting a lot in mass-media, niche targeting zeroes in on strategically selected venues that have high concentrations of these targeted consumers.

What kinds of customers are effectively targeted with Niche Targeting?

Niche targeting is especially effective for reaching consumers who can be targeted based on certain characteristics, such as demographic, hobby, occupation, or commitment to social or political causes. Some examples of customers who could be the focus of Niche Targeting include:

  • Couples planning for a wedding
  • Young professionals
  • Pet lovers
  • New homeowners

Our Unique Niche Targeting Strategy

Addigits collaborates with diverse online retailers, stores and e-commerce companies, in which field Niche Targeting is especially important and necessary. Many kinds of our clients effectively use Niche Targeting strategies in their overall marketing campaigns. It is an especially useful strategy for smaller companies with limited budgets and products that are targeted toward a certain segment of the population. However, it is also widely used by some of our clients, large companies, for the high visibility toward a certain segment of people. Our system will automatically define the Niche Targeting strategy for the campaign, raise the brand awareness for the product and then, bring a purchase. Of course, we can manually manipulate and customize the strategy. Anyway, you will gain more with less.