Before we change our company types of jobs name to Addigits, the publishing department have hand-picked a handful of websites that include almost every niche interests. These internet destinations vary from a single niche community to authoritative portal sites. Our goal is to help advertisers to display their ads at the proper portal to propper audiences.

Unlike other advertising companies, we maintain a close relationship with each website, either directly with the owners or their everyday management team. This close partnership allows Addigits to deliver bespoke campaigns featuring high impact creatives to highly-match audiences instead of just banner ads across the network.

Our websites are categorized as follows :

  • Authoritative Portals
  • Interest Blogs
  • Niche Forums and Communities.
  • Video Content Sites with a Niche Focusing
  • Intrest information sites.
  • Key Online Influencer

Hand-picked and Strict Rules

Not just every website can participate in our network, our business team and content team make sure that every and each site have met our strict eligibility criteria. Most applications are rejected and only about one-third of these sites became our partners. We believe that this is the only way to provide the most efficient and productive practice to both advertiser and publisher, and most importantly, it will guarantee astonishing user experience to the audiences.


For more information regarding our niche interest sites network, please contact our team.