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The Audience

Our unique offer to digital advertisers is the ability to reach largely young engaging online shoppers in different niches. They are fast-paced and always down to try new merchandises that fit their demands and preferences.


Familiar and comfortable with online shopping. They prefer shopping online than fight with the traffic and crowd.


Also known as the citizen of the net, mostly on the web and adopting new cool ideas.

Purchase high ticket items

Our audience tends to spend big bucks on high ticket items such as TV and smartphones.

Always keep up with the hottest trends

Our audience regularly searches online for the newest and hottest appeals, electronics, and other items.

High-Value Shoppers

A big chunk of our audience spends between $200 to over $500 a month online.

Lifestyle Matters

Our married audiences tend to spend towards their family while some of our audience enjoying being single and traveling around, lifestyle determines their needs.

Don't decrease the goal. Increase the effort!

Ours Advertisers

Addigits works with every type of onlne retail brands to reach highly engaged consumers, online at scale. We also work with many non-endemic advertisers to reach our focused audience.

We care about businesses of all sizes. As mentioned, our goal is to help all businesses and individuals to reach engaging online shoppers of certain niche and backgrounds.

You, our potential advertiser, can be a regular E-commerce company, a warehouse and logistics companies, a drop-shipper, or even a marketing freelancer. Choose either the programmatic basis or our managed service to serve your need at the time.

Every branding campaign is different, with different target audiences and different goals.

Our reputation is the proof!

Integrated Demand Side Platforms (DSPs)

To programmatic enabled Brands with In-house Trading Teams, Agency Trading Desks, Retargeters or Independent Traders :

 We proudly work with top-notch DSPs to deliver transparent and streamline connections between consumers and marketers. We deliver a full range of multi-level services and intelligent solutions includingthe real-time reporting,optimization algorithms, open RTB(Real-Time Bidding), private exchange and direct buying of traffic.


Phone number

+1 (619) 212-1472



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